Black Cats Are Lucky

Inky Fall 1


I want to clear up the popular misconception in this country that Black Cats are bad luck.  Especially during Halloween.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I don’t commiserate with witches or goblins (or dogs).  In many countries, such as England and Japan, having me around is considered good luck.  Rich knows how lucky he is.  He knows there is no greater privilege than being my liege and being responsible for paying me proper homage and vittles.  Just like the ancient Egyptians.  Those were the days!

Here is a small list of people I am luckier than:

The Leprechaun for ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal (have you seen what happens to the milk?).

Andrew Luck, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts (have you seen what’s happened to their record?).

Lucky Luciano, famous 20th century mobster (died of a ‘heart attack.’).

Have a happy Halloween.  Maybe you’ll have the opportunity for a Black Cat to cross your path.  But only if you’re lucky.

Your Omniscience,


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