Message From the Marketing Director

Message from the Marketing Director

 Inky Eating 0613



Look into my eyes.  You will do my bidding.  Rich wants me to talk to you about his upcoming seminars.  But those dates are posted on the newsletter front page or you can call (571) 208-0425 for more information.  Your obeisance and acquiescence are needed for a much more urgent matter.

Look at my plate.  Meow Mix, really?  I demand more substantive fare.  Look to your left.  No, your other left.  You should see a shovel in the corner.  If you don’t have a shovel, then shame on you!  How did you think you could effectively do my bidding without a shovel?!

[Sigh]  Alright, you slackers can use your hands instead.  Go out to your nearest field and begin “shoveling” dirt near trees or leaf piles.  Anywhere rodents are likely to congregate and cower.  I’ll be over at a time of my earliest convenience to check your progress.  If you do a good enough job finding dinner, I may split the kill with you.  Go forth!

Your Superior,


P.S.    Lowe’s has shovels.  Just sayin’.

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